3D Action Platformer.

by Day Dream Studios.

Day Dream Studios



Stranded on an alien planet, battle guardians with your Power Gauntlet and
sap the power of the environment to fuel your portal home


Game Reference: Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Production Time: 6 weeks half-time = ~120 hours

Engine: In-house FireFly

My Contribution:

Worked mostly on UI and Sound and Music.

  • Imported and updated my FMOD wrapper
  • Added and integrated all SFX
  • Added and integrated all Music
  • Added Perforce Integration Tool to Firefly engine
  • Added Combat Music Component
  • Added Biome Music Trigger Component
  • Added Sound Events via Animation Events
  • Last weeks was spent debugging and fine tuning sounds and music.
  • Worked on various other tasks

The Team

Level Designers:

Hannes Wäst
Jonathan Mårtensson
Aleksander Bjelovuk
Tony Heurlin


Niklas Jakobsen
Erik Jerpander
Patrik Fridh
Fabian Randau
Brian Diep
Benjamin Ek
Carl Uvebrant

Graphical Artists:

Simon Grefbäck
Bastian Helly-Hansen
Max Kock
Anes Sabanovic
Linus Härstedt


Mattias Ohlsson
Daniel Fornell
Jonas Berggren

Technical Artists:

Frida Hagelstam
Henrik Lidén