Little Crimson.


by Grandma's Cabin.

Grandmas Cabin


Follow the journey of Little Crimson, as she travels through an ever-twisting, puzzling forest.


Game Reference: Lara Croft GO

Production Time: 6 weeks half-time = ~120 hours

Engine: Unity

My Contribution:

Worked mostly on UI/UX and Sound and Music.

  • Developed the UiManager, allowing for an intuitive user interface with easy navigation and seamless transitions between screens.
  • Created the SceneManager, enabling smooth scene transitions and a cohesive overall game flow.
  • Designed and implemented the Collectibles Inventory feature, allowing players to easily manage and track their collected items throughout the game.
  • Developed the Managers Manager, which streamlined game development by providing a centralized system for managing all other managers in the game.
  • Worked on various other tasks

The Team

Level Designers:

Mina Mirhosseini
Mattias Larsson
Hannes Wäst


Casper Bengtsson
Erik Ljungman
Fabian Randau
Molly Tandberg
Carl Uvebrant

Graphical Artists:

Sebastian Schaffer
Kate Ekberg
Falke Persson


Jack Thell Malmberg
Hugo Jansson
Christopher Orantes Diaz


Viggo Robert

Voice Over:

Hannes Wäst