3D Runner-Adventure.

by 7 Deadly Sins.



All alone, Gilbert the Pufferfish must race through the dangers of the deep to reunite with his family.


Game Reference: Race the Sun

Production Time: 6 weeks half-time = ~120 hours

Engine: Unity

My Contribution:

Worked mostly on UI/UX and Sound and Music,

  • Designed and implemented the PauseMenu feature, complete with Retry, Main menu,
    and Resume buttons and corresponding logic.
  • Developed the ParticleSystem logic for bubbles and algae, adding an engaging visual element to the game.
  • Created the Music logic and researched and incorporated suitable sounds from online sources, enhancing the overall audio experience of the game.

The Team

Level Designers:

Claudia Sjöbeck
Oliver Ringh


Oskar Sönne
Zoe Thysell
Lars Tallinger
Molly Tandberg
Carl Uvebrant

Graphical Artists:

Sebastian Schaffer
Pernilla Sonne
Martin Åkesson
Philip Tingberg


Jack Thell Malmberg
Elias Runelid