3D Action-Adventure.

by BENGT Studios.

BENGT Studios


"There's a big feast coming. You are tasked with brewing the perfect mead! Fight your way through snowy tundras and auburn forests to bring home the ingredients you need. "


Game Reference: Arietta Of Spirits.

Production Time: 6 weeks half-time = ~120 hours

Engine: Schools In-house TGE

My Contribution:

Worked mostly on Sound and Music and Tools,

  • Set up Perforce, allowing for efficient version control and collaboration among the game development team.
  • Integrated FMOD, enhancing the overall audio experience of the game with high-quality sound effects and music.
  • Integrated player audio, allowing for appropriate sound effects and audio cues for the player character.
  • Integrated UI audio, providing audio feedback and cues for player actions and interactions with the user interface.
  • Developed the AudioManager, providing a centralized system for managing game audio and allowing for easy customization and adjustment of sound levels and effects.
  • Integrated Bee audio, providing unique sound effects for different bee characters such as Boar, QueenBee, and DragonBee.
  • Integrated Smith audio, providing appropriate sound effects and audio cues for the game's smithy.
  • Integrated Dummy audio, providing sound effects and audio cues for the game's practice dummy mechanics.
  • Worked on various other tasks

The Team

Level Designers:

Elias Carlsson
Tilde Persson


Andréas Isaksson
Elin Granath
Erik Ljungman
Filip Nygren
Niklas Alquist
Carl Uvebrant

Graphical Artists:

Max Kock
David Axelsson
Daniel Gryningstjerna
Linus Härstedt


Tanya Bengtsson
Emelie Bettoschi


Andreas Carlsson